Where to begin?  Visits are best with personal issues however, I will continue to build this section in time.

  1.  In what hospitals do I deliver or provide surgical care?
    1. Summit Medical Center
    2. Tennova Lebanon
  2. How do I reach the physician after hours for questions?
    1. Call the answering service
    2. Go to the nearest Emergency Room or Labor and Delivery with more serious conditions such as bleeding with dizziness or severe abdominal pain.
    3. If pregnant, read the handout from your first visit, many answers are there.


  1. Will my insurance pay for treatment?   Answer: Consults and follow up visits are generally billable to insurance.  The laser treatment are cash pay or credit only.
  2. Will treatment be painful?  Answer: Internal treatment is painless and most people notice only the pressure of the probe.  External treatment is accomplished with a cream applied externally that numbs the skin to minimize discomfort.
  3. What should I do to prepare for treatment?  Answer:  Clip or trim hair in the vulvar area as short as possible as the external treatment can singe the hair and create smoke vapors.
  4. What should I do for post treatment care?  Answer:  Most people experience only minimal discomfort after treatment.  Most people describe the feeling as a sunburn feeling or irritation.  Occasionally women have increased watery or blood tinged vaginal discharge therefore a panty liner may be needed for a few days.  Having a barrier cream at home like Aquaphor healing ointment to apply after treatment is a good idea.  Some with more sensitive skin may need a topical anesthetic.  We recommend an over the counter version of 5% lidociane used to treat hemorrhoids called RECTICare.
  5. When can I resume Intimacy after treatment?  Answer: With internal only treatment recommendations are to wait at least 3 days to resume activity.  With extensive external treatment, it is recommended to wait 7 days.  When the discomfort resolves it is fine attempt intimacy.

Is there any guarantee of services?

Not every patient achieves the desired results and there are no guarantee of benefits.  We will work diligently to help you achieve long term results with a number of therapies and suggested treatments.

After three treatments in menopausal women, symptoms of burning improve for 83% of patients, itching improves in 85%.  Dryness improves for 76% and symptoms of painful intercourse improve overall by 72%.  Interestingly symptoms of laxity improve in 90% of patients but the FDA has not cleared the device for this indication.

Symptom resolution in women who were treated after cancer show greater improvement, especially with painful intercourse.  81% of patient report improvement of symptoms after only one treatment.

In Europe the device is used to treat laxity, mild urinary incontinence, and even those women who suffer with dryness from the postpartum state and breastfeeding.

Does treatment provide Permanent Results?

NO.  Most women experience the improvement of symptoms for approximately one year.  Many then need one yearly treatment to restore the tissue and collagen.

Do you offer any financial assistance?

Yes, we are happy to provide Care Credit services as well as can accept payments from health savings accounts linked to credit/debit cards.