A TIP for the Physician

There are many days in my career that I look back on and say “that was a first.”  As a physician, there are many firsts and we hope less lasts.  My first order as an intern was for a grilled cheese sandwich; no really there was a witness Dr. John Barclay and it was his first day as well.  Sadly, I cannot remember my last order as an intern or resident, but they seemed less important because there were so many firsts to come.

Friday, February 3, 2017  was an important funny first for me.  I was left a tip in exam room two, a 50cent tip but none the less a tip.  Written plainly on the impression left by the patient sitting on the table were the words “ENJOY LIFE…. THANKS FOR YOUR SERVICES.”  I was a waitress for 6 years and would have been disappointed in fifty cents as a server, but on this day, 50 cents meant the world to me.  I even took a picture and kept the paper on my desk.

There are many days that we believe we are the ones helping the patients, but at the end of the day, this patient provided me with some much needed medicine, LAUGHTER.